WOW Vizibl Return On Relationships Launches!
April 8, 2014
Alex Short
1 minute

So the time has come to share with the world what we have been beavering way out for the last year and a half. Vizibl Return On Relationships!

We’ve developed the killer cloud based solution that enables enterprises to deliver real return on their commercial relationships.

Old St Labs mission is to supercharge commercial relationships, boost business outcomes and inspire innovation, therefore the first logical step is Vizibl.

Vizibl has a full suite of products that have been designed to create clarity. Clarity around the who, what, why, where and when of supplier and buyer relationships.

Clarity around the type and timing of decisions. Clarity around risk, cost and accountability.

And most importantly, it gives you the clarity to see where that next big innovation will come from.

Vizibl is the most intelligent buyer & supplier management tool out there.

Software that delivers not just a Return in Investment, but a Return on Relationships.

Vizibl creates an environment of ‘opener innovation’ in which buyers and suppliers work together in productive collaboration. Both sides of the fence are able to understand each other on a detailed level that allows the businesses to match the right individuals, teams and skills to the right tasks.

Meaning you the Buyer or Supplier capture breakthrough moments and ideas that truly matter, via the most effective root possible.

Our products are built by functional experts that know exactly what makes enterprises, buyers, suppliers and relationships tick.

If we have ticked your box then head over to our sparkling new website –

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Alex Short is Founder of Old St Labs he is passionate about building the next generation of business software. He is recognised as one of procurements thought leaders.
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