Return On Relationships
White Paper: Are You Getting a Return on Your Supplier Relationships?
November 18, 2016
Darragh Toolan
1 minute

We’re launching a new white paper today, Return on Relationships – A Deep Dive. If you are wonder what exactly we mean when we talk about return on relationships (RoR), you’re not the first to ask. It’s one of the first questions people pose to us when they are introduced to our supplier collaboration platform Vizibl.

Let me tell you what Return on Relationships is all about.

Return on Relationships is an understanding that there is more to commercial relationships than hard-nose price negotiations, awkward quarterly business reviews and an annual round of golf.

Return on Relationships is about working with WITH (not against) your suppliers and internal business partners in a manner that will result in your business being able to act with the speed and drive the innovation it will require to remain relevant in a highly competitive market.

Return on Relationships is having a conversation with your CEO and being able to tell them not only how your function is contributing towards corporate objectives but also how you’re working with business partners and suppliers to ensure they are onboard and are acting in a manner that will ensure these objectives are met.

Return on Relationships is taking the insights you’ve been hearing on the procurement conference trail for the last five years (you know value beyond savings etc) and turning it into an actionable, repeatable business reality the can be implemented and measured in your business.

Return on Relationships is a belief that your suppliers are a source of innovation to your business and an understanding that this innovation is what will separate you from your competitors. It’s a recognition that your suppliers have a choice around where they direct this innovation and a realisation that if you want to win, those innovations need to head your way.

So if you are ready for all that…

If you are ready to stop reporting the news and start making your own headlines.

If you are ready to move beyond cannibalistic value catalogues.

If you are ready to go beyond the status quo and drive the future success of your business.

If you are ready to grow the value pie rather than fighting for your ever diminishing share.

Then you are ready to start realising a return on your relationships and you should download this white paper.

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