SC&I – The Solution for Procurement
January 29, 2020
Alex Basso
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Procurement needs to evolve.

In fact, procurement is already evolving.

For the past years we have seen a variety of articles, webinars, talks and interviews on this matter. Most of those articles focus on the problem in procurement and why it should be evolving. However, few of those propose a solution to it and, if they do, it normally tends to be too broad. 

CPOs, procurement leaders and businesses overall are also aware of the need for a change but they seem not to know what this change should look like. Some call it “the blind spot in procurement”. The idea of being aware of a problem but not being able to solve it.

It seems clear that suppliers, partners, startups, collaboration, innovation and sustainability are going to be at the heart of this change. But how?

At Vizibl we are also aware of the problem and we believe we have the solution: Supplier Collaboration & Innovation

This is our CEO’s (Mark Perera) definition of what SC&I is:

“SC&I is an enterprise approach focused on delivering business speed and growth through managing the extended innovation ecosystem.”

In other words, collaborating with your suppliers to drive innovation.

Clearly, the aim is to help the business drive innovation through suppliers. 

Even though it might sound simple, it is definitely not and it will require great effort from different parts of the business as well as a change in mindset.

Good news is some companies are already doing it and seeing successful results. Vodafone, AstraZeneca, Astellas and Unilever are examples of those.

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Alright then, where should you start?

For the next few months the Vizibl Blog will be publishing articles to help you understand what questions, processes and changes you need to take into account in order to implement a successful SC&I program for your company strategy. 

Some of the questions and topics we will be exploring are:

  • How are your relationships with suppliers?
  • How to differentiate a partner from a supplier?
  • How to identify your most innovative suppliers?
  • What does true collaboration look like?
  • The base for a successful supplier collaboration – Align Strategies
  • Why is trust fundamental for a successful supplier collaboration?

And many more…

Join us on this journey to make procurement the function it deserves to be!

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