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Maxi Glas – Why I joined Old St Labs
June 2, 2017
Guest Writer
2 minutes

This is my first time here on the Old St Labs blog. But just this week I made a commitment to myself to contribute to this forum regularly. I’ve decided that I’ll be focussing my writing on the following three topics.

1. Enterprise Procurement Strategy
2. Supplier Collaboration
3. New ways of working

I figured that before jumping into the nitty gritty of these topics (there is an awful lot to talk about), it would make sense that I give you all a little background on myself and the reasons why I joined the Old St Labs team.

Having worked at Lloyds, Vodafone, and GSK it’s fair to say that I come from a background in enterprise procurement. While working with these large organisations, I was always on the look out for better approaches and solutions that would make a difference to the world I operate in. I am a strong believer in the ability of businesses creating shared value. After many, many years in the industry, I am still as enthusiastic about driving change to make procurement more effective and efficient as I was when I first set out.

That brings us up 2015 and my decision to join the team at Old St Labs. After such a long time in the enterprise space I followed my heart and passion for focusing on procurement being in a prime position to deliver far more value than just savings and decided to make the jump from large scale enterprise procurement to the technology startup world.

Old St Labs co-founders, Mark Perera and Alex Short, share the same passion to help organisations to drive value beyond savings and to tap into suppliers as an extended pool of vast intelligence that I do.

I’d known Mark for a long time before my joining the team, and looking back now it was a no-brainer to join forces. My years in industry and experience as a practitioner paired with super sleek technology the team at Old St had developed just seemed a natural fit.

My decision to reconnect with Mark was spurred on by a suggestion of one my trusted business friends who spoke highly of work Old St Labs were doing and encouraged me to meet up with Mark and see what he’d been up to over the last year.

When I met up with Mark and saw a demo of the Vizibl platform, I was wowed. My first thought was, if this had been available during my corporate years, it would have saved me a lot of sweat and tears in moving strategic supplier relationships beyond the traditional means of negotiation and discussion on price points. In fact, joint innovation projects would have moved so much faster as Vizibl seamlessly manages all the time-consuming manual processes attached to these sorts of activities.

I feel that procurement has a tremendous opportunity not just to be a vital piece of the CFOs toolkit, but also to extend its frontiers. Savings will always play an important part and paired with cost optimisation, process improvement, and joint innovation, moving into a networked ecosystem the procurement function will move to the next level. I am excited and very proud to be a part of a team that is moving the profession forward.

Reflecting on why I joined OSL in a nutshell. It was about joint passion, positive energy, and excitement about the procurement profession. We’ve assembled a fantastic team from the coders to sales and marketing to customer success. It’s truly a thrill to watch the business succeed and grow and such a rapid rate and to feel a part of really a tight, close-knit team.

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