Innovation is a science, not an art
February 26, 2020
Arthur Clack
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Innovation is the engine of business. Without new ideas, businesses wither. They’re put in the shade by other businesses forging ahead with new products in the marketplace.

But how can you make sure your company is at the cutting edge?

At Vizibl we believe innovation is a science – it’s data-driven, integrated and experimental. It can be planned, measured and put into effect systematically. Its outcomes can be quantified.

Data comes first: every innovation action is founded on data, whether it’s a business-led initiative or a response to a consumer need. 

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Today, the digital revolution means gathering, collating and measuring data is faster and simpler than ever. Information previously held in people’s heads can now be stored in digital form and summoned up at the press of a key.

Innovation can be measured. Whoever and wherever they come from, new ideas can be collected, digitised and held on file. They can be analysed and developed methodically.

Such processes inevitably involve value judgments. Is one proposal from the sales team more likely to produce results than another suggestion from the finance department?

That is for the professional to evaluate. But it can be done in a measured, scientific way. Data from surveys, focus groups, consultations, roundtable meetings, town hall events and other channels can all be input digitally and analysed systematically.

The days when such events were mulled over for a while and then forgotten are gone. Now they remain alive for as long as you need them to.

Every company needs a structured process to innovation to make it more strategically aligned, and a healthy pipeline of projects to stimulate and reflect new thinking. 

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Sound judgment is required, but this is science too. Artists and scientists say they don’t see the two worlds as separate.

In the business world both science and art are needed – but science is the more precise and measurable approach. It is essential when it comes to innovation.

New ideas are the lifeblood of a thriving company. Innovation is too important to be allowed to slip away.

At Vizibl we make sure innovation is generated, captured and exploited in a precise, measurable, scientific way.

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