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Vizibl Resilience: the speed imperative.
June 3, 2020
Craig Brown
1 minute

The Covid-19 pandemic has proved supplier collaboration to be an effective response to dramatic change. It works by pooling ideas, expertise and infrastructure around a common goal, but it is most efficient for one reason: speed. This is why we have launched Vizibl Resilience.

Look at Dyson. They partnered with Cambridge-based science engineering firm TTP to design and produce the CoVent ventilator in just 10 days, leveraging Dyson’s existing digital motor technology and expertise. Medical device development normally takes years.

Meanwhile AstraZeneca is partnering with Oxford University by offering development and manufacturing capacity to accelerate the distribution of a successful vaccine.

Vizibl Resilience was designed on the belief that true business resilience is not simply continuity of basic operations, but continuity of company growth. Organisations should seek new opportunities even in times of crisis without scaling back to an acceptable minimum. That requires a solution that enables companies to benefit from more efficient ways of working (even in times of stability) so businesses can move fast in times of crisis.

Vizibl Resilience offers a scalable, integrated, supplier collaboration platform with three core focusses:

  • Resilience: to strategically align with suppliers on resilience, collaborate on contingency planning and mitigate risks, all in a single digital workspace for operational continuity in crisis
  • Agility: to manage an agile supply-chain so organisations can seek opportunities in crisis through collaboration and innovation at speed
  • Visibility: to achieve total supply-chain visibility by integrating your existing data sets with our reporting engine, so you can identify and respond to supplier impacts in real-time

In short, businesses that focus on strategic resilience can become uniquely agile and opportunistic to drive competitive advantages.

But we recognise that Vizibl Resilience can only deliver value at speed if it is implemented at speed. Which is why our professional services team have crafted the Rapid Deploy success programme so organisations can be up and running within 30 days. As Matt Wagner, our VP of Global Professional Services & Customer Success says:

“With Rapid Deploy, we’ve developed a strategy that focuses on client speed to value without compromising on quality. Self-sufficiency and simplicity are key to our proposition. It’s what we hear from the growing number of conversations we’re having with companies, particularly in the FMCG, Pharma and Telcos spaces.”

Find out more about Vizibl Resilience and why it’s different by visiting our website. You can also speak to a Vizibl rep who will be happy to show you more of the product.

Stay safe. Stay well.

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Craig is Head of Product Marketing at Vizibl.
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