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How Do You Assemble A Supplier Collaboration Engine?
July 15, 2020
Meg Candler
1 minute

In short, bit by bit. Assembling a supplier collaboration engine requires a systematic approach. Building out a supplier collaboration program requires ︎careful planning and direct︎ing of procurement activities. It’s essential ︎that︎ you develop a Supplier Collaboration strategy ︎that︎ holds ︎these activities ︎together and focuses your ︎team around driving business value.

In this article we examine how you make a shift from ad hoc and reactive supplier management to holistic and proactive Supplier Collaboration; how you determine what you will focus on first and with whom, and the importance of an operating model, supported by technology, to ensure you have a means of accessing ongoing innovation and measuring the impact of any supplier initiatives that are underway.

From building segmentation models, ︎to correctly engaging with your suppliers, ︎to creating a value driven portfolio of supplier initiatives, you’ll learn how ︎to craft a de︎tailed plan ︎that︎ guides you ︎toward changing the business today, and transforming the business tomorrow.

It takes a shift in mindset

Supplier Collaboration requires a different mindset; instead of being combative it is collaborative; instead of being transactional and compliance-based it focuses on operational excellence and transformation and instead of ‘me’, it’s all about ‘we’.

Desired outcomes are not singularly about hitting metrics but designed together to uncover new value.

Engagements are bespoke according to individual relationships, value is shared, not only extracted, and the dynamic is proactive instead of reactive.

The joint approach to value is innovative and disruptive instead of only incremental and it can move the needle in terms of how procurement are regarded by the business.

“Tapping into the enormous capability of the thousands of suppliers with whom we do business is perhaps the single largest opportunity procurement has.”

John Paterson
Former CPO IBM

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