Webinar – Coronavirus: How Procurement Can Lead In A Time Of Crisis
April 9, 2020
Darragh Toolan
Less than a minute

Vizibl hosted a webinar with three procurement thought leaders across Pharma, Consumer, Telco and Automotive this week, to discuss what effect COVID-19/Coronavirus will have on procurement and also, how procurement can lead in this time of crisis. We are making this an open and free resource for procurement professionals to access.

On the webinar with Mark Perera were:

Four quick main takeaways if you can’t watch the full 45 mins:

1.    Covid-19 is accelerating underlying fundamental business issues across a range of industries including pharma, automotive and retailing.

2.    Shifting Powerbase – traditional focus for procurement was saving money. The speakers discuss that they are seeing suppliers gaining more power, making decisions on who they will partner with. How do you ensure you are the customer of choice for your strategic suppliers?

3.    There is a greater focus on regional suppliers to mitigate risk. Covid has exposed the fragility of long distance, international supply chains. In addition, governments are starting to demand local sourcing, for example of drugs and PPE in the current crisis.

4.    How can procurement organisations ‘win in the future’ with strategies to deliver the inescapable themes of productivity, sustainability and growth?

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