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Vizibl’s Top 7 Articles of 2019
January 15, 2020
Alex Basso
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2019 has been an interesting year for Procurement, don’t you think?

With the start of a new decade, we have selected a few of our favourite articles to help kick-start your Supplier Collaboration & Innovation initiatives for the year ahead.

Top 4 Articles from the Vizibl Blog

Darragh Toolan explores the 10 key pursuits for CPOs to get the most from their procurement strategy for 2020. Collaborate with suppliers, build trust cross organisationally and use analytics to drive performance, for instance. 

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Craig Brown writes a checklist on how strategic supplier collaboration could evolve to support growth for the entire organisation. Alignment, governance, ownership, visibility, innovation and technology are part of the procurement strategy.

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Arthur Clack gives an overview of common challenges on establishing the best KPIs for supplier collaboration. He also gives Vizibl’s advice on how to overcome them: Start Upstream, DON’T forget cost savings and Focus on outcomes.

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Alex Basso shares the 5 things he learnt from interviewing procurement experts and thought leaders along his research project on Supplier Innovation: Procurement teams are not well-recognised within companies, Suppliers and Partners are not the same and Technology is fundamental to Procurement’s future are examples of those.

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Top 3 Articles From Leading Authorities On Management Studies

Since Supplier Collaboration & Innovation is a complex topic, we also wanted to share three of our favourite articles from leading authorities on management studies:

This article explores three keys to developing profitable supplier collaborations: Build a foundation of internal collaboration before external collaboration, Design the program to meet a specific business imperative and Build transparency and trust.

John W. Henke writes about how customers can build trust, reduce relational stress, and increase innovation-related activities by collaborating with suppliers 

The supplier innovation value chain view presents innovation as a sequential, three-phase process: Idea Generation, Idea Conversion and Idea Diffusion. The aim is to help corporates answer the question: “Why aren’t we better at innovation?” 

We hope you find them as insightful and useful as we do. 

Happy readings!

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